For Sale - M200 Plus $1150 USD with free shipping

For Sale - Zortrax M200 Plus, HEPA Cover & Filament

$1150 USD ($1800 AUD) with free Shipping

I unfortunately need to sell my M200 Plus as I’m currently without work and need the funds. I work in the film industry so unfortunately there’s no film work right now due to the strikes.

This one has served as my secondary printer so it’s in amazing condition with minimal print hours. May as well be brand new.

I’m selling it for $1150 USD ($1800 AUD), and for that you get the printer, HEPA filter cover, and the filament rolls. If you were to buy all this new, it would be worth over $4780 AUD or more.

And as part of that I will cover the cost of shipping myself.
I am open to negotiation within reason, so If you have any questions, please to feel free to reach out!

I am always more than happy to help.