For sale zotrax m200


I have been trying to sale my M200 and thought I should put up here first before ebay. As of right now the extruder is clicking and can’t get a good print I sent an email to zortrax an email a while ago but no response. However, it’s all still functional and working and I can get it to print but really don’t have the time to sit there and tinker with the machine. I’m wanting $1450 for it not including shipping Idk how much shipping will be probally $100.

What’s included for $1450:


3 brazz nozzles

2 boards

New heat block

Tools and stuff that came with m200

And 3 barely used rolls of white filament

Will post pictures soon cuz I want to get this sold. Also if u live in the San Diego or la willing to meet half in public places for shipping free. Only shipping USA not worldwide.

Curious, what do you mean by your extruder clicking? The heat block or the feed wheel making the noise? 

the feeding wheel right now im trying to get in contact with zortrax again to see if the can seen me a new feed motor.

@connor james, I will check what's going on with your ticket on Monday.

okay i submitted another one just in case

the first one was Request #596

the one i just submitted was Request #1528