keeps redirecting to


The site is barely usable.


Every link on the site goes to instead of


Same problem here


Even the notification email that there was a reply to this thread had the link go to


Anyone report the bug on the bug tracker? ;D


I reported it at saturday already, today I got email that they are aware of it and are working on it.


I also cannot post in the Chat Box..


You have to let go the redirection (e.g. read this thread) and the use the shoutbox link from there


Use your browser back button after each link looked at. It will take you back to forum.


Dear forum users:

We're very sorry for present situation within the forum. We're working on some changes involved with it and all of them can be done only on a "live organism", therefore you can experience some issues while using it.

Please be patient while waiting for our maintenance works to be finished.

Best regards,


Zortrax Team


There would be no case if this info was written before changes, not while or after.


And now the Shoutbox is gone....