Full Fill Print and finished surface quality

Hi Gang,

Has anyone had any luck doing a solid print. i.e. a print with a truly solid 'Full' core.

I am using the latest build of Z-Suite, but even though I choose 'Full' as my infill choice, it never is full.

Also the final face of any model that is flat/horizontal doesn't have a smooth finished face, it is more like a semi filled in-fill pattern.

if the model has a curved surface, then it is finished smooth. Is this by design?

My process is Solidworks - .stl - zsuite - print. I usually check 'Full' in-fill and up the finish face count to 6.

There are other topics discussing the infill. There are also pics showing how each infill looks like. “Full” is still just a tight cross pattern. That is normal. In regards to the surface finish you should post some pics.

Thanks Andre,

As usual, right after i posted I found the topics and posts that you are referring to,  :rolleyes: Doh!

Thanks for replying.

Consider this closed.