Gap-Z setting for support

Hi, we use the M200 for industrial use.
But since a Software Update few years ago the printer is pretty much useless because support mess up the model every time.
support is not removable at all and first layer (peeled off the raft) looks horrible ruff.
This happened right after the old software was updated to Z-suite.

Maybe a z-gap setting would resolve the problem.
There is settings for xy gap, first layer gap, raft gap… why no z gap for support?

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Hi @mimck,

when was the last time you replaced consumable parts such as the hotend, heater&thermocouple, extruder cable? Refer to the approximate lifespan of the consumable parts provided in the maintenance guide. You can also run fan test through the menu to ensure fan coolers are operational. If one of the consumable parts is worn-out - the model will be overheated, and support structures might not be detachable.

How about calibration results? If the platform is uneven/deformed, such an issue may occur to.

Could you send me .zcode file? I will have a look.

Best regards,