Gaps in enclosure

I just redid part  of my side door enclosure, doing the rest later but I was curious if gaps would make a big difference.

The doors I had on there had a slight offset gap around the printer and I had really good prints. The new design I did has some holes because I couldn't get the seals I wanted to fit the width of acrylic sheets I had. Ofcorse it could be I suck and shaved too much off the sheet before I put seal on. lol  :rolleyes:

I mean if all else fails I will order the new ones from Z. lol

The gaps I figured would loose as much heat as the new holes around the seals. 

Heres some pics. Let me know if you force an issue with them. Thanks.



The only thing I see wrong are those apples on your printer... :lol: :D   On a serious note.. I think you will be ok unless it is in a breezy environment..

I wouldn't worry about small gaps. The panels will still block drafts, which is important, and as for holding in heat, the difference between the interior and outside ambient is not so huge that the heat is all going to rush out of small gaps, especially compared to the big open top. The bed heater and extruder are constantly pumping more energy into the enclosure.


I the picture in my mind was a bit tighter fit than what the outcome was.  :lol:

cool, i thought that i was the only one suffering from seeing these apples :p

nice job, you can throw away your measuring tape though, it's faulty :p