Glass bed?


I like what i have seen so far from Zortrax but i really like to print on glass because on some pieces it is really nice to get that mirrorshine surface. I get the idea with plate and holes. Not so picky with bed level and warping ect. Mabey you can do a glassbed as an option in the future or is it impossible to do you think?



Glass bed is useless when printing from the ABS due to the smooth surface and shrinkage ABS material which makes impossible prints larger than 4x4cm (omit individual cases that someone succeeded in print something bigger). Zortrax prints all models with RAFT layers on special build platform, this printing method provides us successfully print even if the printed model is

It is worth mentioning also that it is very hard to print on glass, due to the fact that the first layer does not stick well to the glass. And while printing that lasts 20 hours or more, the print may come off from - it is not a pretty sight …

The next fact is, that which glass bed, auto-calibration platform will be not possible.

Personally I do not see any advantage of using glass bed.

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I know that it can be hard sometime but i print on glass all the time and i like it. But thx for a very good answer, M200 sure looks like a winner in my eyes. It is between Zortrax M200 or Ultimaker 2 when i decide to upgrade. Not that easy to know what is right.

Are you Sure you are not printing with PLA? PLA works better with glass.

I found ABS to be a nightmare with anything else than perf board (when printing bigger things).

The gekko board gets good reviews, too. That would be an interesting option for later.

Every object is different, and gross generalizations like “Glass bed is useless when printing with ABS” are themselves useless. I’m a big fan of perfboard printing and rafts, especially for large parts, but I often print on glass (yes ,with ABS) when printing many small parts where printing without a raft saves a lot time and plastic. Warpage and adhesion are much less critical with small parts, but of course bed levelling is more critical without a raft. Also I am hoping that the Zortrax can be used with other materials besides ABS…


I agree completly with Julia. And Zortrax is working on PLA to right? I can give a small example why raft feels lika waste in some cases. I am printing out a rc track as we speak tha completly fills the bed and to have raft under that does not feel like it is a great idea. I need 8 curved pieces to get one 180 degress bend, so i need alot of pieces to bulild this track and waste material on raft is not that great imo.

Dont get me wrong i really like Zortrax M200 but options are always good.

After we activate PLA option in firmware and software we will check some options with glass kind surface.

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Is there an option in the current software to print without raft? In the advanced settings?

Also, can you set the z height manually if necessary?

If yes on both, then we could print at least smaller things on a strip of Kapton right on the aluminum platform (this gives you a glass like bottom on the part as well)

Follow up on my question above… Maybe one of the zortrax owners knows this? :wink:


Currently no option to disable this by user, in future possible.

Cool, thanks for the response! In the future update could you also make an option in the advanced settings for “no support structure”?

Thanks again!

Andre this option is available now, you just need disable support.

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Perfect! Is there also a shell option already? Can’t see it in your screenshot.