Glueing ULTRAT with RUBBER?

Hi there! 

Anyone ever successfully glued ultrat with rubber (cast urethane) ? I tried standard epoxy and automotive weatherstrip adhesive and none worked properly yet.

Any suggestions?


Isn't that cast urethane kinda "oily"?

How about polystyrene cement? never tried. Its used for AirFix models. i think is melts the plastic slightly which in turn creates an extremely strong bond. but dont know how it would go with ABS,ULTRAT, etc.

Evo stik 528 - is good, high impact. I belive it is a rubber base glue to.

Isn't that cast urethane kinda "oily"?

Yes it is.

Thanks for the suggestions Andy_B I will give it a try!

3M seam sealer?

Or off the shelf epoxy, but design texture pits to hold glue in along seams? Essentially creating epoxy pegs/rivets

Glued up some Ultrat prints yesterday using Ultrat melted in Acetone mixed to PVA (carpenters glue) consistency.  

Used some Medium Viscosity Foam Safe Cyanoacrylic Glue and Accelerator to hold in place which allowed the part to not move at all while the acetone gassed off.   Used a VERY THIN amount of the Ultrat Juice to prevent melting the infill.  

After this fully dried, I filled any pinholes in the seam with some more Ultrat Juice... sanded down to a seamless face :)

Thanks for the info! Can you give me a few more details?

You just let the ultrat sit in Acetone to melt it? Or you put it hot and melting straight into the acetone?

Where about can you find that Medium Viscosity Foam Safe Cyanoacrylic Glue and accelerator? internet or regular shops?