Gluing plastic to ABS

I've got a product I am working on, and there is a small bit of assembly involved. I need to glue a plastic piece (I would assume it is injection molded) to the abs. Contact area is around 2" diameter, the part I am attaching is basically a sleeve that slides over the ABS.

I know crazy glue works, but is there something that comes in larger quantities/is more suited? An epoxy of some type?


What kind of plastic are you gluing the ABS to?  If it is PVC than ABS or PVC pipe glue would work.  If it is polyethylene, you are probably out of luck as almost nothing adheres to that without special procedures.  Materials in between those two extremes may have good solutions but it would help to know what you are working with.  If you have lots of samples, you could just try a few adhesives/glues from the hardware store or McMaster-Carr

and see what works.  If you need a professional or industrial solution, try the 3M hotline - they sell a wide variety of adhesives and glues.


Weld on has several products