Gluing Z_HIPS

Hi there,

Anybody know the best glue for z-hips? I’ve tried a couple of them and none of it worked. I’ve tried cyanoacrylic glue, polymer glue, glue for plastic models… and nothing seems to work. I need to glue thin edges so it has to be strong. Any ideas?

Well I have tried a mix of limonene and HIPS but when you're used to ABS acetone mix it's really slow to dissolve. But it did work as a glue and filler. I just can't stand the citrus smell anymore, in the beginning it's nice and fruity but it takes a long time to fade.

And when in doubt I always use PVC glue/hard plastic glue, it works on a lot of stuff and also fills.


I’ve just received a message from support, they told me to matt and degrease the parts and then use a cyanoacrylic glue and it works but still not as strong as with abs. 

I just use weld on the same glue that I use to glue acrylic with works perfect I don’t know the number of what I have it’s too old of a can the labels all smeared off

Google is your friend (sometimes).  Lots of examples here:

If you want professional results, try 3M:

Their tech support is supposed to be very helpful, which is good since you could spend days looking at adhesive options on their web site.