GoPro mount for Zortrax



Here ya go..

The extruder does not hit the mount either..


I'm just printing it... thanks Kyle.  :)

Perfect!! I want to see it when its done!

Of course, I will post pictures and also timelapse. :)

But I have a problem right now, I also printed GoPro frame, and clip broke off with just a minor press...

I always thought that ABS is a little flexible?

Am I doing something wrong?

This frame: 




Normal speed

Support 10%, support light YES

Auto fan

Printed with white Z-ABS,

Not sure… Mine is pretty solid. You printed it laying down right? Never mind. . You mean the case…

It is a bad orientation for printing. To get the top clip stronger you would have to print it on it’s side in a vertical position. That will make the shell weaker though…

Thanks Kyle, I understand now.  :)

I'm fresh in 3D printing, and have to learn a lot.

GoPro mount printed, but I can't attach picture. :(

Post it on Thingiverse. Go to my design and click “I made one” or something like that. Then just post the link here.

I made one. :)

Next one will be black. ;)