Grinding in corner

The printhead of my M200 moves to the rest position (front left corner) after finishing a print. Recently, when I start a new print from this position, it often grinds, apparently trying to move left. On such occasions, all future moves are left-shifted from the normal position. At least twice, this has resulted in the machine trying to push the platform up past the nozzle. If I move the print head away from the corner before starting the print, things seem to work normally. Does anyone have any suggestions how to troubleshoot this issue?

I would check the microswitches in the front left corner since it sounds like a problem with the home position.


I assume the axes are misaligned or dry - as a result, the nozzle does not have contact with the calibration point but with a part of the perforated plate - this would explain why the nozzle collides with the plate. Start with lubricating the rods and performing axes maintenance.

If this does not help - please do the maintenance with the jigs.

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