Gyroid Pattern as option for Support-Patterns


Hi Zortrax Team!

Appreciate the efforts put behind “THE ZORTRAX ECOSYSTEM”! The machine, the materials and the Software, everything is awesome!!

I have a M200Plus printer. Most of my work is related to create patterns and dies for foundry industry. Recently I have printed one Die-Set for wax injection.

These dies require faster cooling system once the wax is injected into the cavity. The inlet - outlet nozzles are designed for the supply of chilled water. WIth regular support patterns the cooling is not effective and entire inner volume can not be connected to the inlet outlet nozzles.

If only we had GYROID support system, this would have been fastest and most effective cooling system. It will become a Best competition to conventional tooling in Aluminium.

Hence my sincere request to add Gyroid pattern as one of the options in support feature.



First of all, thank you for your kind words concerning the Zortrax ecosystem. We do appreciate that!

Second of all, thank you for your suggestion regarding the gyroid support system - I will pass this suggestion forward.

Best regards,



I mentioned the wrong feature.
I suggest GYROID pattern in “INFILL FEATURE”.



Thank you for clarification.

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