Hardened steel nozzle

Any plans for hardened steel nozzles for M300+? It’s not ideal to print carbon fibre or other abrasive materials with brass nozzle.
Thank you

Any reply from Zortrax, please?
4 months awaiting time for any reply is quite long…
Do you have any plans for hardened steel nozzles.
Thank you

There’s nothing special about the Zortrax nozzles. They use standard M6 threads. You can use a third-party steel nozzle with no issues.

Thank you.
However, I have figured it out already.
Since Zortrax wasn’t bothered to reply I had enough time to experiment (9mths).
Also, managed to worked out magnetic steel sheet with auto bed levelling

Yeah, Zortrax are abysmal when it comes to being consumer-friendly.

I’ve been considering ripping out the internals of my M300+ and replacing it with a more community-supported motherboard, just to do away with their restrictive ecosystem.

Do you have any tips on that or website/community to go to?
I would consider the same, but have limited knowledge how to get to firmware and pre-sets.
Thank you

Suffice to say it’s not for the faint of heart, and it definitely wont have Zortrax’s blessing. There are others who have successfully converted their M200/M300s to use other firmware + motherboards, but I haven’t yet (pls don’t sue me Zortrax). I’m not sure about any specific details like the exact electrical components or steps/mm that you’d have to use. That would need some investigation + probing.

Marlin is pretty much the de facto open source firmware, but it requires setting preprocessor directives (basically just flags that cut out chunks of the firmware) because it’s designed to work even on slower, low spec hardware.

I’ve converted other proprietary printers to use it, but it is a pain. There are alternatives like the Lerdge boards that put all of the firmware configuration right in the touch screen interface (closed source though, booo). I have a couple coming in the mail; haven’t tried them yet. When they arrive I’ll be testing them in another printer suffering from a fried motherboard. Out of all the options I’ve seen, this is probably the most hassle-free way to shove a new board in there.

A new motherboard would almost be a drop-in replacement, but there’s an annoying aspect of the breakout board that connects to the ribbon cable in the extruder assembly, detailed here:

It has some components that get in the way of our connection to the temperature probe for the hotend, so it requires 2 custom breakout boards to use the original ribbon cable. In the video he CNCs his own circuit board, but there are PCB manufacturers that do small scale hobbyist stuff like this for reasonably affordable prices. Another way to hook it up would be to just yeet the ribbon cable and use a bundle of wires terminated with JST connectors, which is what others have done over on the Duet3D forums:

I’m not sure what kind of temp probe the M300 uses, I haven’t checked it out. It is likely not hard to substitute them with your own, while keeping the original extruder assembly. The Duet users have dug deeper than I have.

Other than that, most of the components in the M300 would be plug and play. The motors are normal 1.8 degree steppers, the Z axis homes at max, X and Y on min, and the heated bed is just a fat resistor.

Thank you!
That’s quite overwhelming piece of information.
It’s definitely something I will consider in the future. Loads of new hardware and rewiring. Looks similar to Voron I build a few months ago.
Thank you once again :slight_smile: