Has anyone tried making "Miniatures" (minies/toy soldiers/small figures)?


I tried on my Ultimaker, and result is just horrible :slight_smile: Bowden based extruder, so retractation is far from perfect. (it shocked me so I’ll change it to a direct one asap)

On m200… well… I must congratulate Voudas for the patience during support removal & object cleaning ! (but I am not familiar with that, most of my parts prints well without supports, that’s definitly not for me !)

Maybe new Inventure with disolvable support system is the way to go




Well I have some 1/200 scale tanks from Thingiverse at 150 microns, Ill be making some at 90  microns soon.


i reprinted the file using a "low" cost SLA printer (FSL3D Pegasus) and i have to say that now i am more impressed with how the M200 performed... ofcourse there are some small details where the difference is huge, but overall the prints are pretty much comparable...

to be fair though, i used clear resin and this makes small details to not be so obvious...