Has anyone tried making "Miniatures" (minies/toy soldiers/small figures)?

Hello everybody,

I know its a bit a of stretch for a 90 micron printer to do details on small figures under 50 mm but has anyone tried it?

I am looking forward to print whole armies for I game I am making but I do not want them to be more than 70 mm tall.

I need them to be very detailed. Details such as: buttons on the pockets and hair braids, toes, etc.

Has anyone tried it with any success?

send any file and we will print it, post pictures, or even send the prints to you

Well Zortrax printed this with the "soon" to come filament. Not sure it is what you are looking for but it looks detailed.


I printed this at 90 microns


I will take you up on that offer Voudas, where can I send you the file?

Also HeavenlyCreation do you know how high that hulk is? because I meant something like this, except 50 mm not 33 mm, and I imagine the hulk is at least double that size


upload them somewhere and post the links here, many others would like to test them as well.

i bet that you already know that this is not the best platform for such prints, there are certain limitations but anyway we are talking about solving your curiosity :)



Voudas, here a model we have been working on. Keep in mind we are new at this. There a piece of clothing on the back that seems to disappear but you probably know how to fix that.

Yes, I do know 90 micros are a bit much. I was hoping to print them on an STL printer but the cost may be too much for my future customers. I am willing to make the miniatures 50% larger since that will help with the details. But I have nothing to test it right now. Can you show whatever is the best quality I can get from a Zortrax or what every low cost printer you have on hand.

I am hoping to get a STL Projet after the project is done but I can not be sure I will.

Thanks for the help.

well your model is far from printable at this stage, i have removed some unprintable elements (the cape for example) and corrected lots of errors, combined all the components, made it solid and i'm going to print it at 50mm height...

that's the file https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/16802232/3D/tan-human%20V2W.stl

print done, ~1h @ 90 microns

result is amazing considering it's an fdm printer (i dont know of any other able to achieve it so good) but IMHO it's still far from what it would be ideal for such a model

support removal was risky as the model has tiny parts (and i happen to have a condition called "two left hands" :P ) and some amputations were not avoided...



Considering the size, that's a good print !

But I think new Zortrax with dissolvable support material or a sla/dlp printer would be more suitable for such a print (in the range of office 3D printer)

You may optimize your models to be made using a fdm printer, but that's realy little & detailed for that technology.

Voudas, volen.marinov, do you mind if I have a try with that stl file ?


Not at all Laurant!

I need help and I really appreciate what you guys are doing.

If anyone of you can tell me a better way to print it without the need of STL it would be great. Maybe another printer?

and btw how much filament used for that one print Voudas?

P.S. I was considering a Leapfrog printer for the minies, someone posted they tweaked it to do 20 micros. But I will still do the low res on Zortrax, like walls and dice.

20 microns is only for z axis.. Main point with fdm is the size of the nozzle.

0.2mm, which the lhe minimal size I tried on my other printers(and beleive me, it's not at all as easy as with 0.4mm) is already 10x time bigger than the layer your are talking about.

That's why I suggested dlp printers (UV resins based).

I do not think a leapfrog will do better than m200, even with 0.02mm layers.

I'll give a try on my m200 (Z-Ultrat, 0.9mm) and on my customized Ultimaker too (0.05 on Z and with a 0.35 sized nozzle) this week (maybe today), but even if I am happy with my UM, I think it will be at best as good as with m200, not better

Well,I needed a torture test to test my new nozzle, so I think I’ll give this one a shot.

Be my guest LabRat.

Also HeavenlyCreation do you know how high that hulk is? because I meant something like this, except 50 mm not 33 mm, and I imagine the hulk is at least double that size

Yeah  Sorry Hulk is 120mm high. Still if you cut his head off his body he is very Small.  :lol:

Looks like I'm going to have to second Voudas's conclusion. Overall I'm impressed with how well the Zortrax handled it being an FFD machine, but I still wouldn't say that I'd be happy selling them in that state. It's possible that you could do (a lot) of finishing, but with it taking 1.5 hours to print and 0.5 hours to clean up I just wouldn't think it's worth it. 

That pretty much wraps it up then. STL printer it is. The thing is STL will do a peeerfect job but I hate to charge over 5€ a mini. My goal was under 5€.

Do you guys think its too much?

I am from Bulgaria people here are limited in so many way. 5€ for cigarettes a day is fine but over an euro for a game specific highly detailed toy? “No, no that is way too much” says the average Bulgarian.

By the way I'm pretty sure you mean "SLA" printer not "STL".

"STL" is the file type which all 3D printers use as the model import file type.

"SLA" is generally a type of 3D printer that uses a liquid plastic that is "cured" using a light source and in general has a greater resolution but as you know a usually higher price tag.

yes Drew Petitclerc, my bad.

What about Delta printers? Are they any better?

when talking about the resolution of any 3d printer you should always start with the nozzle tip diameter most average are .400 millimeters or 400 microns and the layer thickness which can vary, the current smallest thickness 90 microns or .090 millimeters that means the smallest feature the printer can create is a 400 microns in diameter by 90 microns tall dot, that’s the basic smallest resolution that they can make if your feature is smaller than that it will not show up.

If you want to make figures more than 1 set, I would print the characters by Objet Eden 350V (Z-thickness 0.016mm, X, Y = 0.042mm), and then molding in silicone and cast with cheap PUR-Resin ?