Having trouble getting PLA to stick to the build platform


For the last 6 months, we have been using the Z-Ultrat in our 5 m200 plus printers in our school STEM program but we have just recently started to look at some other materials. We are trying to print with an external PLA material however we are having trouble getting the first layers to stick to the build platform. Having checked the settings in ZSuite for external PLA it looks like the platform should be at 25 deg Celsius but is heating to between 40 and 50. The extrusion temperature in ZSuite is well within the range as that suggested by the manufacturer. I have the feeling it is not sticking as the build platform is too hot but have not been able to find a way to turn it off. However, there also may be something that I am not thinking of.



Hey there!
First of all, do you have this issue with all 5 M200 Plus 3D printers? You can slightly decrease a gap between nozzle and platform in your printer’s menu (platform offset setting). Besides, do you have HEPA and side covers installed on these printers? If yes, consider removing them for the time of printing with PLA-based materials.
If that doesn’t help, please send me one or two files that you have problem with, we’ll check it.


I have just recently started experimenting with orange Hatchbox PLA. I have found that rubbing the bed with a glue stick really helps adhesion. Right now I’m using a platform temperature of 50C and extruder temperature of 210C. It still needs some fine tuning on the extruder but it’s working well. Contrary to others, I’m getting better results with the side covers on.