Head problem - Filament cannot be loaded due to cogwheel

Hello there,

Yesterday I left the printer at a working condition and when I came to work this morning, I saw the head moved to the idle position.

Though it finish the job but it didn't. 

At first I checked the filament, it was ok, no jamming can be seen. 

Then I check the nozzle if it was clogged, when I tried to load/unload sequence, the cogwheel didn't turn - just sit there and stutter.

Here on the attachment a close-up video of it - couldn't get a decent focus but it can be seen.

I did check the cables twice and restarted M200 several times - no solution yet.

Any ideas?

By the way it is hot here, 38 C, can be any problems with operating temp?

Seems like an issue with the ribbon cable.

Generally 38 C is above the recommended temperature but if extruder is not beeing clogged, then it's fine.

Please report this case to our customer support team using the support form: http://support.zortrax.com/application-form/

Thanks Chris, I have applied with the form an waiting...