Headphone stand (uploaded the STL)


I made the base design in solidworks, exported as STL. Imported the STL in MeshLab to create the voronoi pattern.

Printed on my M200 using these settings:

Material: Z-ABS, black

Layer height: 0,29 mm

Support: 10 degrees (20 degrees would probably have given a cleaner print, but that would have been a real pain to remove). I used support lite.

Total print time: a bit under 20 hours

The height of the stand is about 20 cm and it is about 11 cm deep so the ear pads of my headphone fit.


Tutorial for the voronoi pattern:


potent ... !

I have uploaded my design to Thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:641301

have fun removing the supports  :P

well then that is a nice one, good job. i do not need a headset stand but i will have to look into this software.