Heat bed is not stable



I change my M200 to M200 plus but the heat bed is not so stable line on M200 Printer.

In below of head bed are 3 magnets which keeps the heat bed stable but one of magnet is not workin and that’s was one side of the head bed is shaking.

I ask to the shop where I bought my Printer and in there demo machine it is some like in my printer is it normal that one of the magnet is not working ?

Thanks for your support.


Hi, Orhan.
Heatbed should be stable, this is not normal.
Could you record the issue and take some pictures of the magnet?




Hi, Orhan.
We’ve received your e-mail with a video, thank you. It seems that the magnet was improperly installed.
We will provide you with more information and a solution via e-mail.