Heated Bed Not Flat

When I tried printing larger objects the edges would not stick, so I leveled the heated bed. It still had issues and I found that that heated bed is not perfectly flat, which causes the edges to not stick. Is there a way to fix this?

You can remove the 8 screws that hold the PCB to the plate below it and see if any plastic is under there. And before you put it back on, give it a slight bend so that the center bends down and that will help keep it flat once you screw it back together.

Also never pull object from print bed using hands always use ‘spatula’ which come with your Zortrax.

Hey Martin, so using the spatula should I be “cutting” the raft on the platform or do I lift?

[quote name=LonV]Hey Martin, so using the spatula should I be “cutting” the raft on the platform or do I lift?

‘Cutting’ slowly going deeper at raft bottom.

By pulling model you lifting whole platform and then small pieces of plastic going at bottom of it, just follow @The6uest instruction and clean it at bottom side then everything should be again flat.

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A similar question…

The heater plate on my platform is not laying flat near the connector… Is that OK?

I’m not sure what you are asking, Andre. You talking about the heating surface on the bottom of the bed?

yes… I thought it’s supposed to be glued on with heat paste…but mine has a gap on the side where the connector is.

Oh, mine has a slight gap on each side but there seems to be paste filled in there.


I had a bend bed also causing lifting on big parts on the edges.

After taking measurements using a depth gauge off of the crossbars that the extruder is mounted to , I could see the bed was not flat.

i disconnected the heating bed then took off white top plate removing the outer screws from the heating bed using the Allen key provided.

once i had the black heating bed off i took a straight edge to see how it was bent.

it had a bow downward so i turned the bed over and put a round piece of rubber under middle of the bed and pushed on the ends to bend flat.

after a couple of pushes it was dead flat and the straight edge ruler showed no light underneath .

then i was able to level bed and print large parts with no lifting on edges.

you should run a leveling part to make sure the bed is level before you waste your time and abs .

that was the first thing i did with my makerbot 2x to get it to run good parts.

i am surprised that zortrax doesn’t include a leveling part file for the beginners.

i also requested from support that i wanted to buy a spare heating bed but haven’t heard back from them yet.

hope this helps.