Heater settings not correct

Zsuite with latest firmware on printer

printing with other brand ASA - recommended temps are nozzle 250-255° & bed 80-100°
set external material ABS setting to 250° but wouldn’t print cleanly, so i upped the temp.
so i set nozzle to 270° and the bed to 80°, but the actual temp i measure is only 248° and 62°.

if i try and use Zortrax ASA Pro the temps i measure are 240° and about 54°

does my heater/thermo couple need replacing, or is this a limitation with the latest zsuite and an older M200?

Hi Alan,

it is difficult to refer to models printed with external materials, but do models printed wth Z-ASA Pro look good? The filament’s extrusion temperature is around 250 °C - please note that measuring the outside part of he hotend will not provide an accurate measurement. As for Z-SUITE - we have not applied any changes in the printing profiles since 2.8.0 version (for the M200/M300), hence this is not a cause of the problem.

When was the last time you replaced the heater&thermocouple? The approximate lifespan is 400 hours, so it might be high time you replaced the components if the hotend does not reach the target temperature.

Best regards,