Help beginner with Zortrax m200


I am not totally new to 3d printing, but I just got my Zortrax M200 yesterday. I took out all the packing materials and stuff and found a few extra things.

I would like to know if these are to be discarded or if they are important things that need to go back somewhere. I have attached3284

a picture of all the pieces that I found loose.

Also, can somebody tell me what the two clear tubes are?

Thanks in advance!

The Nomad Maker, AKA Jay Newman

I suppose that these are spare parts. Is the unique explanation that they are not assembled.

Is that a second hand printer?

The bigger part is the extruder pcb housing, the light grey is the hotend fan duct, the small black thing beneath the fan duct are a spacer for the same part, and lastly the three black corners are zortrax rubber feet.

My units came with similar spare parts. I think it's standard with the plus and pro configurations

The clear tubes are to feed the filament from the rear of the machine to the top of the hot end assembly.

If you have more than one they will be spares,