Help! Extruder motor just steps

So I've emailed support on the 16th, and they still haven't responded. So I figured I'd try a post. 

The issue started with an upper RH area of a part was not completed. About a quarter of the part. Next part I attempted would only start printing the left half. Currently the extruder has the filament removed, and when trying to load new filament, the gear only steps. The gear is free of any debris that could possibly cause it to jam. 

Any thoughts? I checked all the wiring, and nothing obvious is disconnected or not pushed in. Motor or cable? It's a bummer to have to turn down work because of this. Thanks for any help.

Did you pull the extruder apart and make sure its clear? Does it click even before you try to insert new filament?

Yup. I ran the load filament procedure with the motor completely removed with the same result. Motor just steps back and forth. Thanks. 

very strange.. Can you spin motor with power off?

Yes. Spins fairly easily. 

Been a little over a week now since my machine has been down. I've received one email from support, but no end in sight to get my machine up and running. Zortrax members post in other threads. Why does it feel like I'm being ignored here and by email?

Parts should be on the way soon!

How have you solved the problem?