Help Needed with Print Settings for PPE print - Novice User


Hi I work in a library and have brought one of the 3D printers home with me to help a group of local medical students print some PPE equipment. I have very little experience but have done a test print and have the printer working.

What I need help with is setting up the Print Settings as I’m having difficulty intrepreting the instructions, here’s what I am printing and I am using a Zortrax M200.

Hoping someone can help!!


They are asking you to do 100% perimeters, except for the visor piece. For speed of print and because it minimizes porosity of the part, which would otherwise make sterilization not practical. It’s also strong for the layout.

Z-suite has limited perimeter configuration, preferencing for slower but more reliable infill. So unfortunately, I do not think the geometry will work out for the for z-suite in this case (because the section widths look too wide).

I suggest trying the print with 100% infill (solid) instead. It’s not as fast, but it will minimize porosity of the part they’re trying to avoid. Usually you try to avoid 100% infill due to shink and cooling issues, but in this case the part looks thin enough to be ok (guessing).

I am printing similar PPE in zortrax abs, using 0.39 layer height with 150% speed without issue. To get 150% speed, you need to select external materials.

Also I print one part with the raft and then remove the part but leaving the raft. The remaining raft must not cover the center and left front touch squares. Then make a new file without the raft and a ‘model lift’ of 1.25mm (for above setup only). This allows you to print repeatedly without having print a raft for each print…safes a huge amount of time.


Thanks so much for your help! I’ll try out your suggestions.