High shipping cost for new Z-ABS 10x offer?

I was about to take advantage of the new offer for 10 spools of Z-ABS for US$114 until I noticed that shipping adds another US$117.  In other words shipping is more than the filament.  Is this a pricing error?


No.. It's about $10 per spool to ship.. Keep in mind they are using DHL. You will get pretty fast.

Last time I ordered 10 spools it was a little over $300

A while back, I priced ABS filament in units of 1 to 10 rolls per order.  The shipping cost per roll was $20 for 1 roll to $9.40 per roll for 10 rolls.  Maybe the shipping cost has gone up since that last comparison because shipping for the "special" price is now $11.70 per roll.  That's not a huge deal, but enough for me to ask here.  Seems like there is a good chance that DHL is making more on the order than Zortrax is <g>.


The shipping definitely seems high. I wish they offered a slow boat option instead of just DHL or a warehouse in North America.

A warehouse in the US would be really good.  Maybe one in South America and another in Africa, too.