HIPS Top layer inflated - Brand new M300 PLus



First impression did not go as expected. The top layer was inflated in the inlfill spaces as you can see in the photos.
What could have happened? platform temperature too high?


Hi, @PedroVieira.

What settings did you use for that model?
Can you send me a screenshot?


Hi Marta

Starndard setting I guess


Thank you. Did you use an external material or Z-HIPS?


I used Zortrax materials profile, but the image is from another try that went wrong too.
I tried with Ultrat and went very good, I tried another HIPS color and it looked bad again.
I’m doing another test with 100% fan speed to see how it looks



I increased the fan speed to 100% and it worked.

But I have difficulty separating the raft from the model, from the HIPS prints I still can’t remove any, just from the part I printed with ULTRAT


Thank you for the information, @PedroVieira.
Did you use similar infill and layer thickness settings for Z-ULTRAT?

Generally, it is recommended to use bigger infill percentage for such small layer - I too have experienced pillowing when printing with your settings.
Regarding problems with raft, have you calibrated the platform before first use?


@Marta Yes I used the same infill and layer thickness for both materials.
I just used this 10% of infill to be faster, but it’s already solved.
I calibrated the platform before first use, and now I increased the first layer gap and seems to work.

Thanks for all


Not a problem, I’m glad everything works now.

In case of any other questions, feel free to ask.