Holes a too small


i am from germany, so sorry for my english :)

Everything i print with holes (example: for screws, or for iphone charging cable / connector) or with a threaded cap are a little bit too tight, so it will not fit... any ideas how to solve this?


EDIT: Thread title should be "are too small" :D

Fehlende Englischkenntnisse bitte nicht mit der deutschen Herkunft entschuldigen.  ;)

Use the offsets provided in Z-Suite Advanced Settings (klick that 'Advanced Settings' button on the print settings dialog).

For ABS I use 0.14 (others tell use 0.13) for 'Holes' and 'Outer Contours'.

Warum nicht? Ist nunmal so...

Thanks - i'll try this.

You could find info here: http://support.zortrax.com/the-size-for-holes-is-to-small/

But be careful if an inner hole is "connected" to the outside surface, i had this problem: http://forum.zortrax.com/index.php?/topic/2581-different-diameter-in-a-same-holes-using-offsets-holes/

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