horizontal surface problem


i don't know if this is really a bug but maybe it should be issued...

yesterday I did a print of a facade (z-Ultrat, 0.09 layer height, no fan, 20 deg support, medium infill)

as you can observe from the picture the print has a few problems.

the whole part was printed horizontally as you can tell from the supports, the shown surface is the upside.

1. the surface has bumps all over, they are right over the gaps of the infill structure, so I guess the used print parameters , especially probably the medium infill option in combination with no fan? and the horizontal orientation does not deem to work.

Can someone maybe tell me what is happening here? My next approach would be to use a denser infill or use more fan...

2. This seems to be a known issue, the window frames are in some cases "hollow" without any infill... 

While I know this happening to small structures in some cases, I do not understand why some of the frame are 100 % fine and some are not. The dimension of all frames are the same ( 1,27mm wide x/y and 2mm depth  in z axis).

I also wonder if this is something I could improve by setting the infill option to full? Or is it a better Idea to increase the width to lets say 1,5mm or 1.6mm? Or is it the opposite, is 1.1mm better to "force" the 2 frame paths together? 

thank you for any feedback

best regards