Hot end replacement


Printing PLA is vitrually impossible. I have tried many different settings but there is hardly any fiĺament flowing out of the nozzle. I now understand that there is a V2 replacement.
First how do I know the version that I currently have to prevent wasting money.
Secondly I read that not only the hotend needs to be replaced but other components as well. So what are they.
An finally will this resolve my PLA printing issues. Since ABS warps like crazy and bed adhesion is generally also an issue I feel that after endlessly producing waste it is time to get rid of the M200 since I now feel quite hopeless.



Please, refer to our tips for printing with Z-PLA Pro. A dedicated hotend only for printing with Z-PLA Pro is a must.

As for the hotend version - refer to the photos below:

Hotend v1

Hotend v2

As for other components - check if you have the newest extruder PCB version. You can refer to point 11 here. If you have the old PCB - replace it with a new one and apart from the hotend - install new heater&thermocouple as well.

Warping issues - I am sure you will find our troubleshooting manual helpful.

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Actually it’s the other way around,
Hotend V1

Hotend V2



No, this is the other way round - just as I listed above. However, the hotend v3 (dedicated for M Plus Series) looks similar to the v1 one - thus, you might have mistaken them.

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