Hot end sensor failure updating to firmware 2.2.0

I have updated the firmware of my M200 Plus from 2.1.4 to 2.2.0.
I have printed two objects using the new firmware but, for both of them, at the end of the printing the M200 Plus has shown the error message “Hotend sensor failure”.
I have not changed anything in my printer but only the firmware. Furthermore, both the hotend v3 and the heater are quite new. Is there something wrong with the new firmware?

i have the same problem after updating


Thank you for your vigilance.

We have received several reports concerning the warning. This issue can be firmware-related, our specialists are looking into the matter. Also, please note that it is not a failsafe error. For the time being - you can revert to 2.1.4 version.

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We have just released 2.2.1 firmware which fixes a bug. You can download it here.