Hot end sensor failure


Just updated my firmware with newer version and went through 300h maintenance request.
As soon as 20min belts tension check finished and started bed calibration I was hit with alert for “Hotend: Sensor failure”. I can’t see any physical damage or sign of any cables getting worn. Any ideas? Thank you



We have received several reports concerning the warning. This issue can be firmware-related, our specialists are looking into the matter. Also, please note that it is not a failsafe error. For the time being - you can revert to 2.1.4 version.

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We have just released 2.2.1 firmware which fixes a bug. You can download it here.


Thank you for reply. I did update it and it cleared alarms. However when changed material temp came up to about 86% and printer screen flashed, Small yellow-framed window appeared (to short to capture alert) and it went blank. Printer restart itself. It did same again, so I have installed January firmware again. So far no problems.


Hi, thank you for the update. Actually, this could have been a random error. Please, update to 2.2.2 firmware we released today.