Hotbed connector

When following the instructions for removing prints from the hotbed, one should always remove the hotbed from the printer, which means you have to undo one of the two edge connectors.

If this would be something you'd do 'sometimes' I'd think it's ok, but doing this after each print will wear both the connector pins and it will put some stress on the PCB side.

The connectors used are PCB interconnect devices, they're not designed for daily use.

Why isn't there a male / female connector in the actual cable?

You could choose a relatively simple connector which would be designed for regular use.

Current solution is asking for trouble imho.

I never remove the platform when removing my prints from it. I put a simple snap clip over the little connector so I don’t accidentally hit it with the spatula when scraping it off the platform. I only remove the platform once in awhile to separate the platform plates to clean in between them. I agree, if that connector is to me removed frequently, it should be more robust…