Hotend cleaning

I wanted to clean my hotend (V1) and I wanted to follow the procedure explained in "Maintenance Guide" -> "hotend cleaning" :

"To perform this activity, You Will need a valve metal brush with stiff bristles gold guide.

° 1. First, you have to disassemble the Hotend which is placed at the side of extruder. To do this, please follow the instruction available on our Support Center.


In the Support Center :

Carefully pull out the hotend.Caution! Do not damage cable signal.

But I am surprised: there is no “cable signalin my hotend !!!

Is it normal ? I have a Z00 V4; hotend V1

Here are sketches Support Center :

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here is a picture of my hotend :

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Another question :

what is the "signal cable" ?

What is he doing ?

The signal cable is in temperature gauge, so you don't need to worry.

First M200 printers had this cable.

When a print starts or when doing auto bed calibration the head moves and touches the bed to sense position. This cable closes the circuit from the bed surface to ground on extruder PCB.

On your model this is made through the thermocouple cable, that one shielded.

Mine was like the drawings, then I had to change the hotend (v1) and then I bought a V2 extruder. Both don’t have the cable signal.

In some moment the sensing started to fail causing a plunge of the hotend on the bed. Ruining the bed.

I installed a simple cable like on the old days. The sensing was working again.

Thank you for the very quick response, I am reassured ! :)