Hotend collision

Last night I leaved the printer doing this job

As usual I just went out of the office and the printer was heating up

Today in morning I found this

And the hotend was broken as shown here

I have no idea what caused this problem. I’m using the latest firmware and latest z-suite.

Chaotic no?!!!


I see the model warped, so most likely the nozzle/hotend was colliding with already printed part of the model. When was the last time you calibrated the platform? Do you remember the results? As it seems the platform might have been uneven, thus the one part of the model warped, whereas the other one was too close to the platform (material deficiencies in the raft). Or, the extruder cable is also malfunctioning.

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Hello Karolina,

The model was not warped, it was because I started removing the material and then took the photo.

I use to level the platform every week. The printer was working perfectly fine.

For me something strange happened with the Z axis.

I’m attaching the zcode file if you want to take a closer look. Umbilical Housig.zcodex (9.1 MB)


The hotend had to colide with the hotend as the block separated from the bushing.

We’re going to check the model anyway.

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