Hotend Lifespan Reduction

My printer is constantly in use for my business. I print exclusively in PETG. I have had it for 2 years and I have consistently got 300-350 hours of quality prints from a brand new hotend, then at around this amount of print time ill get under extrusion and I put a new hotend in and everything is perfect again for another 300-350 hours.

However over the last 4 month I have had to replace the hotend every 200 hours. The material I am using is exactly the same, nothing else has changed. To try and fix the issue I swapped out the heater and temp sensor but the problem is still there.

Any ideas please?


Could the be a software related issue?

As the only other thing to have changed is the firmware updates…


I would appreciate a reply on this thank you.

Hello Paul,

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PETG is a dense, heat sensitive material, hence it is prone to clog the hotend faster. Also, if you are using an external material - its mixture might have changed over the years, which could have impact on the hotend’s lifespan.

I definitely would not suspect any firmware or software-related issues. You replaced the heater&thermocouple, but how about other consumable parts such as the extruder cable?

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Hi Karolina,

Would the extruder cable be a possible cause for this symptom?



@KarolinaZortrax please see above. Im confused s to how that cable could make a difference, could you explain please? Thanks in advance.

Hi Paul,

in general, malfunction of any consumable part (especially the one responsible for the extrusion) might have impact on the other part’s degradation and lifespan. So if the hotend V3 and heater&thermocouple are new - I could only think of the extruder cable and/or PCB as these parts are responsible for proper operation of all parts plugged into it. Still, it is worth checking if the mixture of the external filament has not been changed recently.

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