Hotend question

I just lost another hotend while changing the nozzle.

Thread stripped with normal if not soft force.

BTW hotend was heated, as usual.

I really would like to ask if a brass block heater wouldn't have been better?

If aluminum is a choice for some thermal requirement why not put a threaded brass insert on the aluminum block where we could screw the nozzle? 

This aluminum thread is soft as butter.

Or some anti-seize lubricant would maybe help... don't know why they can't/don't add some at the factory.

I ordered a new nozzle and noticed it was quite hard to thread in. I had to keep backing it out and running it back in. Almost felt like it was cutting threads a little deeper in the aluminum block.

I think aluminium it preferable to brass because you want to keep the mass as low as possible. More mass requires greater force to accelerate and decelerate.

Less mass is good and all, but robustness is also needed. What about using Helicoils?