Hotend v1 vs. V2 - whether I need additional black wire?

I have a question about hotend v2.
Previously in my printer I had hotend v1.
Now I want to change to hotend v2 but in older version I had additional black wire screwed to V1.
So, I need this black wire also for V2 or not? 
Please help me.

Hi Piotr,

You have the old version of heater&thermocoupler (that's why there is a black cable) and, in consequence, you must have the old type of extruder PCB. Therefore I would replace all of the components - the hotend, the extruder PCB and the heater&thermocoupler.

If you need more info, please contact me via PM.

I'm in the same boat - I put in HotEnd V2 on my Gen 1 machine - and thought maybe Z had not done documentation for my black wire.

So where do I get a new extruder pcb? Heat and Thermocouple is readily available everywhere.

and maybe it would be an idea to clearly write on the online install instructions that Gen 1 machines needs new PCB & Thermocouple to use the V2 hotend.


Thanks for your suggestion.

Get in touch with one of our resellers to buy a new extruder PCB:

You can also contact me via PM for more info.