Hotend V2 perfect z-glass printing

Perfect Z-Glass with Hotend V2 no more problem here!!!

Was this with the V1 or V2 perforated board?  Any problems separating the part from the raft?

I also changed to the V2 Hotend. Before the change I was unable to print anything with Z-GLASS, the filament stuck after printing the raft within the first layers. Now the same zcode prints without any problems.


But while printing with Z-GLASS runs perfect, the results do not convince me.

I think I will refrain from using the remainder of the spool because I can get better results by using a translucent PLA.


The dislikes with Z-GLASS are:


- object could not be taken of the raft easy it's more like a surgery (did not complete it now)

- same with support

- there is some burned looking filament and kinda spider web inside the case, pieces of filament at many surfaces

- the haptic is brittle and it feels like it would crack easily


Nothing of that with the other filament.

But nice to have the V2 Hotend, it helps on other issues too.

I have similar problem - hot-end v2 stops at 97%, v2 tube can be used on v1 hot-end and PET now works. Thermal paste needed or new heater?

Why do you call it a similar problem?

The posts before tell that after installing the V2 hotend the print-jobs do complete and don't stop anymore.

I am just not happy with the results of printed Z-GLASS and that's about the filament not the printer or hotend.

What does it mean "hotend V2 stops"? No more extrusion, no more movement, no more heating?

I just installed the "old" heater and sensor into the new hotend and I am printing since...

heating element cannot heat v2 block and heating extruder stops at 97%, you can of course swap just the tube with v1 block but that’s just temporary solution. Zortrax filament isn’t special there are many much cheaper suppliers.

Well, this thread was about printing successfully Z-GLASS with the V2 Hotend.

You cannot even start the print so you are just in the wrong topic here.

There are threads about your problem in the forum, probably you get answers there.

And I actually did not swap the tube I just put the old heater and sensor into the V2 hotend and started to print.

Maybe you should check the heaters position. It has to be inserted properly so that the screws are getting into to block completely.

But that's mentioned in that other threads that are about problems with V2 hotend.