Hotend V3 on M200 non-plus

Ok, so is there any reason why we can’t just use the Hotend V3 on a Zortrax M200 non plus? It seems like the fit should be the same, or am I wrong?
I’d really love to upgrade if possible, but I’m not sure it wold work.
Has anyone tried this?

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Hi. Using the hotend V3 on Zortrax M200/300 may result in quality deterioration, as the settings are not calibrated for this hotend.

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Speaking to a staff member through the online live chat, I was informed they have the same fit, so should be good. The difference they explained to me was the plus uses Teflon as apposed to PTFE tube. Al5hough they are exactly the same thing, it may be they use a higher quality tube in the plus giving it a lower coefficient of friction meaning smoother flow, therefore better print, hence the calibration comment above.

The reason I was asking was because the Hotend V3 should bring support for more materials as well as the 0.3 and 0.6 nozzles, thus my interest.

It does fit but I could’t get as good of print results from the v3 as I could from the v2. I also didn’t mess with the temp settings much. Eventually I will try it again but the printer has been going non stop for weeks.

I am currently printing Extrudr PLA with the V3 hotend on the M200. I will try polymaker pc-max next.
Here are some pictures:

I think I may buy it then.

please note, that i dont use the PLA profile in z-suite to print PLA, i use the EXTERNAL ABS profile and change some parameters:

  • bed temp @ 50
  • nozzle temp @ 230
  • platform raft gap @ 0,35mm

with the PLA profile i get underextrusion.

I’m interested in this as well. Happy to see more results if they are out there :slight_smile:

Any updates on this?
I would like to buy the hotend v3 for my M200.

@zortrax is it possible to market this upgrade? My M200 is still in good shape and it might be good to extend the lifespan of it.

Hi, @Brett90.

As Karolina mentioned above, using Hotend v3 for M200 or M300 may cause printing quality deterioration. All settings in Z-SUITE are adjusted for Hotend v2 as it’s dedicated one for M series 3D printers.

Some users install Hotend v3 in their M series 3D printers. However, remember that we cannot guarantee the same high quality of prints - some of the settings might need adjusting.

Hi Marta,

You are right about just installing it now when it is clearly not inteded for the M200.

But the second part of my question was: If t’s possible for zortrax to release this improved hotend for the M200 with the included firmware and software changes. This way the quality is guaranteed by zortrax. If its possible, I’m interested to pay for an upgrade like that.

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At the moment, we don’t have such plans. However, I will pass your suggestion to our specialists.