How dangerous are fumes of ABS based filament?

Well I'm a little worried about the fumes of all those nice ABS-based filaments but also interested in studies about the impacts on human beings (and other crazy lifeforms) of PLA, ASA, HIPS etc...

Can anybody either calm me down a little or bring my upsetness to the max?

How are you dealing with it?

okay enough googled... I'm interested in the official opinion of Zortrax!!!!!

If those fumes are harmfull Zortrax (and ALL other manufacturers) have to implement an air filtration system to their printers... or this could very fast go towards the asbestos story...

the more I read the more I get worried... damn... as soon something is starting to make fun (as it was with smoking years ago) someybody tells you it's not good for your health... and worst of all it's true in most cases  :huh:  :wacko:  :blink:

Well inhaling fumes from burning and melting plastics have never been good for your health. How much one can take before it gets seriously bad is impossible to say.

In general all filaments would need a filtering system or a room with really good air circulation. PET based and PLA based is less harmful though but printing with ABS, NYLON and other high temp filaments REALLY demands for either air filtering or a VERY ventilated room. 

I’ve personally experiencing dizziness from sitting next to two printers printing Nylon CF in a 30m2 room with opened windows…

I have a rule that I don’t use filaments from producers who cant deliver a good SDS, Zortrax have great SDS-documentation:

and I’m working towards enclosing all my printers. I just got aluminium extrusions to build a huge enclosure for my gMax, and I will build a “top cover” for my M300, both with Hepa + Carbon filters and a 120mm 12V fan. 

I only print PLA/PET when I have to sit next to the printer and/or my family is at home (we live in a 2 room apartment so they are close to the printers as soon as they arrive home). After the summer I’ll move into a studio location, but there I will share the place with 6 other people, so the enclosures will be a must, I don’t want to kill them :slight_smile:

I never stay in the same room where I print  , ventilate the room if possible is always a good idea but when it is cold a dedicate room for the printer is the simplest solution.

It is always a matter about how much you print, the more you print the more micro grams per cube meter of air of pollutant are spread and what is the size and the rate of air exchange of your room.

If you print just a small object you'll  barely notice the Abs smell, but after some hours of printing you surely will.