how remove white spots


I made a print of a model with a large surface with Z-Pure Black ABS but when I removed the raft of support on the model were several white spots (large white area) ... how can I delete/remove them? I tried with a lighter but remained...

any suggestions?


I use a hot air gun.

I use a hot air gun.

thanks Winstonc... I'll try with the heat gun...

The full-size hot air guns are hard to control, but this small one by Milwaukee/Wagner that was recommended by Julia works a treat:


Dreamel Versatip.

I just bought the dremel VersaTip, it works really well

For large parts I just run a hot-air gun quickly over it.

But for the smaller or thinner parts I learned the hard way that heat is an enemy. ABS warps like crazy when you apply heat to a thin section of a part. If anyone knows of a way to remove the white spots without heat I'm all ears! (Acetone changes the surface finish, so i don't think that would work for me)

Hot air gun with decreased temperature 200-240C just wait until real temperature is reached and heater in hot air gun is stable because first 1-2 minutes it can blowing over 300C.

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Old methods is the best. I strongly recommend vibratory tumbler wet/dry, 110V or 220V. Many producers is on the market.

And media polishing with different sizes and shapes, for example:

@ adrian: I am very interested in this kind of post processing, do you have some post processed parts using this technique to show us ?

For all interested,

here are some links:

3D Printing & Polishing Metal Bitcoins Printed w/…:


Polishing 3D Printed Bronze w/ Rock Tumbler & Ste…:

I wanna buy for month Lyman tumbler 2200 auto flo or 2500 pro magnum turbo.

This method is applied for metal parts (ex. door-knobs) cleaning, polishing since many years


and forum

I am also playing with the idea of getting such a thing or a cylindrical barrel like the lortone q12 featured in the second video I posted...

however these are a bit pricy here in germany...

and I am not sure that this will really work on more complex objects like buildings with openings in my case.

but It would definitely mean less hassle and dirth compared to sanding...


Rotary tumbler not good for delicate/soft materials, small parts, for solid - ok.

Remember, contents spin all the time and can to destroy. Vibrator only shake extremely frequently.

Ok, seems logical, but the stress on the print is probably also dependant on the size of the used media and the fill level, maybe adding water might also help…

The potential problem I see with the vibrator is the ability to process larger objects, or am I wrong here?


Rotary tumbler not good for delicate/soft materials, small parts, for solid - ok.

Remember, contents spin all the time and can to destroy. Vibrator only shake extremely frequently.

Depend how many printing (objects on platform) at once - a that time You'll see how large bowl you need.

Each producer have many sizes: 3-4 lbs popular low-cost unit untill to 100 lbs.

Actually most of the time I have just one big complex object e.g. 15 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm with openings and cavities. …

not sure if this can be processed in these vibrators…

That's right.

I'll be print small series on zortrax - I expect package at Friday.

Hi everyone, i'm pretty new to Zortrax i just bought it literally a few days ago, i have lots of pla experience with my ultimaker 2 but i m noobie with abs and how to cover up those white spots. In the handbook it's written that i can use lighter but i never end it up with a good result. After reading all the comments i would like to try hot air gun or dremel versa tip. I can imagine how i can use heat gun but i have no clue. If there is anyone who tried both option, can you please share your opinion about both methods and also give a clue about how to treat white spots with dremel. Thank you in advance.

For the white spots created from raft removal I just use a lighter. For deep pockets you must use a heat gun. The heat from a lighter will just burn the surface. I have yet to buy a heat gun as I mainly do mechanical parts.. I know Julia uses a lower powered heat gun.. You might want to check with her.. I think it's on here somewhere.. I think this might be it..