How safe is Inkspire Resin? Healty? Toxic?

Hello, I am wondering how safe is it to work with Inskpire Resins?

It smells in a way that lets me think it may not be really healthly to inhale it… or even touch it with bare hands?

Are there any precautions for using this kind of resins?

Are there any toxic substances involved in the process?

Any hints appreciated :slight_smile:

It is recommended to wear gloves and glasses while handling resins and operating the printer, as they can cause allergic reactions. They should be used in well-ventilated room and although using respiratory protection is not required, it’s a good practice.
You can find all the recommended safety precautions in each resin’s safety data sheet.
Here you can find more details on handling resins.

Thank you Marta :slight_smile: