How to get a perfect mesh


I want to print a draft model using mesh/shell.

It should be a closed shell,
ideal top layer

but the result is really bad.
unclosed top layer

I use shell and wall thickness is set to 4 pcs.
Maybe this is because the whole top is not flat and Z-SUITE identifies them as different layers and gives each layer only walls. This is where the gap comes from.

Can I get the closed top without much model reshape? Here is the Zcode printing project.
rock.zprojx (4.5 MB)

Any suggestion would be great! Thanks.


With this model geometry, it would be best to use a mesh infill as the shell is best suited for vases or other open-top models.

Due to the limitations of the layer dimensions, it will not be perfectly round as in the initial 3D model.

rockmesh.zprojx (4.9 MB)

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Thanks! 10% infill works better!

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