How to glue Z-ABS to the wall

Hi everyone,
Anyone know what kind of glue I have to use to glue 3D printed logo (Z-ABS) to my wall ??

I would use 3M double sided molding tape.. Part #03614 

Why not add a hook to the backside of the logo and then print it so it can be hung?

Because is made as a shape and 21 separate letters. I don't want to have swiss cheese on the wall :D

Being a model maker/designer/engineer we use rez-n-bond it actually 'creates fusion between 2 surfaces' works great.

don't breath the fumes and keep in well ventilated area . it is for professional use,so follow safety precautions.


I rozwiązać problem za pomocą Soudal klejenia silikonu High Tack FixAll kleju. To naprawdę silna.