how to make holes and screw inclines with meshmixer


here are some small tips for those that dont know how to create holes or screw in sections of a model using meshmixer only . put your model in to meshmxer as in pic 1 , then import (append) the second part that you want to use to create your hole or channel , use the alignment tool in edit to align into position , then in the browser tool dialog , while pressing the shift key highlight your main model , then without letting go of the shift key click on the second part that you imported so they are now both highlighted , you would now see on the left of the screen a dialog box appears as in pic 4 , now we want to create a channel so click on "Boolean Difference" , it will take a few minutes in a few cases and every now an then say not responding , just wait and it will complete the task , when the new dialog box appears as in pic 5 click on accept , once again it may take a while ... the end result is a clean channel you can use as in pic 6 , almost any shape can be extracted from a model as long as both parts are first made solid (use the solid tool in edit) in pic 7 and 8 you can see even screw holes can easily been made