How to make prints Watertight

How does one make a print water tight using Zsuite? On a normal gcode program I would just increase the amount of outer shells or shell thickness. That I am aware of, Zsuite doesn’t have that if not in vase more? (which i don’t want vase mode)

I have used max bottom layers and tried to up the density of both the first layer and the bottom layers, none of them are remotely watertight

Using Z-PETG & M300

The density setting increases the number of paths. Try increasing the flow ratio to increase path widths and fill. On m200, you have to switch to external materials to see the main flow ratio slider.

The extruder flow ratio or the first layer flow ratio?
I have tried setting the first layer to 120 and didnt make it water tight


You may use 100% infill density. Still, it would be good to cover the model with some epoxy resin.

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I really dont want to have to waste all my filament printing at a 100%, in 6 years of printing I have never printed at that much infill. 60% has been my max.

Is the an epoxy you recommend? I have tried xtc-3d and several marine epoxys but they all leak through since its not water tight.

The extruder flow ratio. The other one only does the first layer. I definitely get denser layers, but haven’t checked for water tightness. If you’re printing in ABS based material, give a look at acetone smoothing.