How to print with really full ?

I am trying (just for comparison and testing print size tolerance) to print a single lego brick. It prints quick and I wish to use it as a reference for testing Z-suite printing options, materials, etc.

I am using this design : Lego Brick

For printing, I am using the filling options “full” (using Zsuite 0.0.3). Look at the strange results for the walls :

Shouldn’t the “Full” option actualy “fill” the walls, instead of printing 2 very thin walls beside each other, which is not giving me the rigidity I need here ?

Am I doing wrong something ? Is it a bug ?

By the way the results are pretty good, beside the wall thickness problem…

Thank you in advance for your clues !!!

Best regards,


Hi Nicolas,

What is happening is that the wall thickness is too thin to put fill, but too thick for the perimeters to join up. This is a common issue with FDM. It could possibly be solved with 2 perimeters, but that is not an option in the software currently, and I’m not sure if it will be.

Can you try making the wall thinner ? (I’m assuming your wall is about 1.3mm ?) This will cause the perimeters to join up. Or conversely making the wall thicker will allow the slicer to put fill in.

The other solution would be to leave it and wick in ABS slurry.

Hope this helps.



Thank You Jamie; That makes some sense !

Printing the brick on the side kind of solves the problem (however the bumps are less precise), but then the supports are a mess to remove !

I understand now why the designer on the piece placed it “on the side too”. My first reflex was to turn it upside down (bumps at the bottom, empty part up) to minimize the supports “inside” that are difficult to remove, but then I ended up with the double sides walls…

I am still at the learning phase :stuck_out_tongue:

The same thing happened to me with am architectural model, I really hope they give You a two perimeter option In a future release. Those gaps are structural weaknesses