Hybrid support and platform temperature

Greetings to everyone from Tyrol,

can someone explain to me exactly how the “Hybrid Support” works? I would like to test this but do not know exactly how I should do it.

It would also be nice to be able to set the platform temperature in the Advanced Print settings so that you don’t always have to switch to “external material”.

Thanks for the information.


As for the Hybrid Support - this option makes the printer use the soluble material only for those layers which will adhere to the model or will be build on the model’s surface. The remaining part of a given support structure will be printed with the model material. Please note that it can be used with M300 Dual/Inventure only (soluble support material). You can then remove support structures printed with model material manually and dissolve soluble material remainings (it simply helps you to save soluble support material). You will see the difference once you slice the model:


Also, thank you for the suggestion concerning setting the platform temperature.

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Great now I understand it, thanks for the good explanation. I have the Inventure and will try it out right now.

You are welcome, I am glad I could help. Any feedback on the hybrid support will be also appreciated.

Anyone tried a hybrid support, yet ?