Ilk katman yazması


ilk katman çizdiği çizgi üzerinden tekrar geçiyor bunu istemiyorum . ne yapmalıyım!
benim modelimde alt taraf önemli.



Are you having any problem with a model or its bottom layers? Could you share some pictures, please?

Also, please use English so it will be easier for us to provide further help.

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When he starts writing the first layer, he passes over the lines he draws. not to draw these lines. Don’t go over it.

The bottom surface is important in my model.
I don’t want this image to be.



Can you provide .stl and .zcode files, please?

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1-GÖVDE ARKA.stl (134.0 KB)
2-GÖVDE ÖN.stl (145.2 KB)
2X30 FİRST.zcode (1.5 MB)


what is the problem.


Hi @zeki!

I’m going to print your model. Also, I’ll check if increasing the denisty of the first layer does the trick.

However, please remember that I’ll use our Z-HIPS. I see you’re printing your model with some extrernal HIPS.

I’ll let you know soon.

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Could you experiment. I want him to start drawing lines from the edge.



This is how the model looks like on our side (Z-HIPS, 0.19 mm):

Do you have any Zortrax material to run a test print and compare results? Also, have you tried increasing the density of the first layer as Marcin suggested?

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the first layer begins like in this picture



This is how the model looks like when printed with an increased number of bottom layers (6 bottom layers, Z-HIPS, 0.14 mm).